For the first project I chose “thrown and altered”. I thew some cylinders used some compressed air to create texture on the exterior of the vessel. Unfortunately, the result was not what I was expecting or seeking. My intention was to create a ripple texture, but the result looked rough and worn. I then decided to go with my back up option which was puncturing to the vessels using projectiles (a pump air rifle and co2 powered bb pistol). Using both gave me variation in the size of the holes created. I am looking forward to seeing the result once they are glazed.


This week I continued to turn and alter more cylinders. This time around I experimented with size, thickness, and hardness to see what kind of results I would get. I did not see a notable difference between thickness, but I saw a difference with harder clay (harder the clay the smaller the hole). I have turned and altered the number of vessels I want but I night decide to make a few more. I am now ready to glaze and fire these pieces.


This week I decided to turn a few more vessels. I wanted to make more smaller pieces. Most of cylinder I had already turned were thick, so I made some thinner ones. I also experimented with using slip, I coated one of these yellow. I am not a huge fan of the slip finish but can probably make it more attractive with some glazing but also keep the yellow color prominent. I decided to be conservative with the puncturing of these last few pieces. This should give the collection more variety.   


For the mixed media project, I chose my first mp3 player as the subject (Sandisk Sansa m230). It was a secondhand device given to me by my aunt. This device was responsible for my exposure of the most influential artist in my life, Jimi Hendrix. The process is going to focus mostly on fine detail work. I am currently working on getting a blue color that resembles as closely as possible. I am going to use some mica powder dyes to color slip and see if the result is successful once they are fired. I am not sure how the dye will react to slip and heat. I will also be focusing on how to display the piece.  


This week I completed the ceramic portion of this project. It is one solid piece and I used slips for color. After some experimentation, I successfully created a blue pigment using Pearl Ex (mica powder) and blue slip. I am satisfied how this color looks wet and hope that the pearlescence will continue to show through once it is fired. I decided to apply this mixture to the piece before doing a test firing so hopefully it will fire correctly. This piece is ready to be fired so my next step is working on the display. I will most likely be using a clear glaze on this piece and will be adding final details (text) once it is glazed.


This week I worked out my display for the mixed media project. I ordered some plexiglass for a case and I will be using wood for the base. I also applied glaze to the vessels from the thrown and altered project. I chose two different glazes (Horsley’s Satin Matte White & Monica’s Seafoam). I liked these glazes because their visual texture and organic look. I am now focusing on finishing the display for the mixed media project.    


This week I mostly worked on the display portion of the mixed media project. I have applied a clear glaze to the ceramic and is now ready to fire. I finished cutting and gluing the purple heart wood I am using for the base. The next step is to carve in the text into the wood base. I will be using a Dremel to engrave, I am most likely going to use a gold paint as well. I also received the acrylic casing that will cover the piece. The final step after the carving will be making the standing pieces to hold the ceramic.


This week I worked on putting the finishing touches on my mixed media project and planning the mini module project. For the mixed media project all I have left to do is create the stand pieces for the display case. I will me making these using wood and metal wire. I will also be doing the final detailing on the ceramic piece that has been glazed fired. For the mini modules project I will be making dice size cubes and connecting them using black epoxy putty. They will be joined on the edges and bricked together to create a spike pattern.


This week I finished the multimedia project. The cylinders for the thrown and altered project have been glaze fired and unloaded. In order to keep the altered parts of the vessels bare I had to paint on the glaze. I only painted one layer, so the Horsley’s Satin Matte White didn’t fully form but I am overall satisfied with the results. I finished making my mini modules (cubes) so now I am just waiting for them to be fired so I can join them with epoxy putty.


Nothing really to report for this week. I loaded my ceramic for the mini modules project in the kiln today. They should me unloaded by Wednesday then I will be assembling them using the epoxy putty. You can refer to 10/19/20 for the sketch.


This week I started assembling my mini modules. I soon ran into an issue with the epoxy I was using. I was using some black epoxy putty, but it didn’t seem to adhere to the ceramic very well. I was stuck thinking about how I was going to join these pieces considering the epoxy putty was no longer an option. Figuring out how to document my progress I decided to just join the pieces with hot glue just so I could photograph them to show what the form would look like. Luckily this worked quite well and the glue adhered perfectly. I decided that I would just use hot glue instead considering that it would be easier because of the set time and the obscure positioning of the modules. Luckily you can buy black colored hot glue so the end result should look exactly like I had envisioned, the only difference is the material used.   


This week I finished the mini modules project. I did end up using a black colored hot glue to join the pieces together which worked perfectly. I was a little concerned about the glues integrity and weather it could hold the weight of the pieces, but it ended up holding a strong bond. In the end, the glossy finish of the hot glue was pretty spot on as far as how I envisioned the piece would look. It couldn’t have turned out any better.