For the first project I chose “thrown and altered”. I thew some cylinders used some compressed air to create texture on the exterior of the vessel. Unfortunately, the result was not what I was expecting or seeking. My intention was to create a ripple texture, but the result looked rough and worn. I then decided to go with my back up option which was puncturing to the vessels using projectiles (a pump air rifle and co2 powered bb pistol). Using both gave me variation in the size of the holes created. I am looking forward to seeing the result once they are glazed.


This week I continued to turn and alter more cylinders. This time around I experimented with size, thickness, and hardness to see what kind of results I would get. I did not see a notable difference between thickness, but I saw a difference with harder clay (harder the clay the smaller the hole). I have turned and altered the number of vessels I want but I night decide to make a few more. I am now ready to glaze and fire these pieces.


This week I decided to turn a few more vessels. I wanted to make more smaller pieces. Most of cylinder I had already turned were thick, so I made some thinner ones. I also experimented with using slip, I coated one of these yellow. I am not a huge fan of the slip finish but can probably make it more attractive with some glazing but also keep the yellow color prominent. I decided to be conservative with the puncturing of these last few pieces. This should give the collection more variety.